Grandparent’s event today

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A very, very big thank you to those who were able to make it to our ‘Grandparent’s event’ today; the children absolutely loved having you here! It was a great afternoon of crafting, sandwich making, and looking through the children’s learning books. (If your child/children’s grandparents were unable to make it, do not fear: they still partook in all of the activities, with a teacher or teaching assistant. :))

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A visit from a vet

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We kicked off this term’s topic of ‘animals’ today with a visit from a vet. We really enjoyed hearing what a vet’s job entails, having a closer look at some of the equipment they use, and even dressing up as vets ourselves!

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Today we had a visit from Russ and Lauren at Rugbytots.  They came in to teach us all about how to play rugby, including how we hold the ball, how to score a try and how we kick the ball.  The children were extremely enthusiastic and enjoyed every minute!  In their book bags tomorrow you will find a leaflet from Rugbytots, if you would like any further information on how to get your child involved outside of school.




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Shakespeare Day

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On Friday the children took part in a whole school Shakespeare day, which started off with an assembly all about the man himself.  We then watched a Cbeebies version of A Midsummer Night’s Dream, which the children really enjoyed!  After that we created lots of different art inspired by the characters in the story…


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Dinosaur learning

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Here are a few photos of lots of the dinosaur learning we’ve been doing over the last few weeks!




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On Wednesday we took part in our final session of balanceability.  Thank you to all of those who were able to come and watch, we hope you enjoyed it!  We are extremely proud of what the children have achieved over the five sessions and this is down to the the effort and enthusiasm they have shown.  For completing the course all children received a medal and certificate =) Well done Bumblebees and Butterflies!

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Fire Safety

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On Wednesday we had a fire fighter come in to talk to us about fire safety.  Why not ask us what we learnt?  Here are some photos from the talk…

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What a mess!!!

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This morning when we arrived at school something a little strange had happened… we couldn’t go into our classrooms straight away as they had to be cordoned off to make sure they were safe! Something had made a huge mess in the Bumblebees and Butterflies and in our outside area!  We had to work as a team to investigate what had happened and write down clues to see if we could solve the mystery.  We couldn’t find the egg that was delivered yesterday so lots of us thought something may have hatched from it and left the mess.  We didn’t spot any living things, but we think it could be a dinosaur…


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A special delivery…

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This afternoon Mrs Parry bought the Bumblebees and Butterflies a very special delivery…

…in a box addressed to us was…

…an egg!

There was no note and no clue who sent it! We don’t know what type of egg it is or where it has come from!

We decided the best thing we could do was leave it somewhere warm and cosy over night and check on it in the morning…

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Easter Egg Hunt

Posted by sandgatebumblebees1 on Friday Mar 31, 2017 Under Uncategorized

This morning we enjoyed an Easter egg hunt in our playground, kindly organised by the PTA! It was lots of fun and the prizes were very yummy!

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