Dinosaur Busy Time

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We have been thoroughly enjoying immersing ourselves in dinosaur learning during Busy Time and here are a few photos of what we have been getting up to, from digging for dinosaurs and fossils, to making dinosaurs out of Lego, drawing dinosaurs on the iPad, reading dinosaur books, and using dinosaurs as manipulatives to solve maths problems.



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Rugby Tots

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Last week both classes were very lucky to take part in a Rugby Tots taster session, which they absolutely loved! 🙂

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A mystery in Foundation…

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On our first day back, we had an odd delivery. A box was left outside our classrooms and it had a large green egg in it! We weren’t sure where it came from, so we left it in our cosy book corner over night. The next day, when we arrived at school something strange had happened…we couldn’t go into our classrooms straight away: they had been cordoned off because we were unsure if they were safe! Something had made a huge mess in our classrooms and in our outside area! We had to work as a team to investigate what had happened.  We found chairs and tables that had been knocked over, trays that had knocked onto the floor and some GIANT FOOTPRINTS! The green egg was no where to be seen! Some of us think a dinosaur may have hatched from the egg, WATCH OUT!


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Easter fun

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What a fun day we had today in Foundation! We started by parading our EGGcellent Easter bonnets:

We then had an Easter party and an Easter egg hunt!

It really was such a fun day! 🙂

Have a great Easter everyone!


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Skateboarding Assembly

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On Wednesday, we enjoy an assembly all about skateboarding! We learnt how skateboards are made and enjoyed watching Jamie from the FAR Academy show us a few tricks. He even jumped over Mrs van der Wal!

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British Science Week

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This week was British Science Week and this year’s theme was ‘journeys’. To get us exploring and discovering we took part in four experiments:

1) ‘Friction Train’
We compared how a toy train travelled down a ramp covered in different materials. We used a stopwatch to measure and compare the time it took.

2) ‘Can you cross the river?’
We used a variety of materials to see how we could transport a toy animal across the water.

3) ‘Paper Aeroplanes’
We had a go at making our own paper aeroplanes and tested how they flew!

4) ‘Liquids
We compared how different types of liquids travelled down a ramp. We made predictions about what would happen and discussed the properties of the liquids.

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World Book Day

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On Thursday, we had a wonderful time celebrating World Book Day!  The children looked amazing in their costumes; thank you for all of the effort went in to them. 


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Writing Event

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On Wednesday, we enjoyed a whole school writing event based around a video of Orca whales. Thank you to all of those who were able to attend and support this event. Here are some pictures from the morning…

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Minibeast Hunt

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On Tuesday, we enjoyed a walk in our local area to search for minibeasts and look at livings things around us. Here are some photos of what we got up to…

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Posted by sandgatebumblebees1 on Thursday Feb 14, 2019 Under Uncategorized

We had a fantastic time at the Foundation Disco this afternoon.  Thank you to the PTA for organising a wonderful event!


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