World Book Day

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Thank you for all of the effort that went into the costumes for World Book Day.  I’m sure you will agree, that the children looked fantastic =)



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Snow fun! :)

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Sandgate School Run or L.S. Lowry?

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The Sandgate school run this morning!

It reminded one of our Year 4 students of an L.S Lowry painting! Beautiful.

Thank you to the parents who sent it in.

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A visit from Dogs Trust

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We were really lucky today to have a visit from Jo and her dog Paddy, who work for the charity Dog Trust.

Jo and Paddy came to talk to us about how to be safe around dogs, and how to approach dogs safely if we would like to stroke them. We all learnt that there are 3 important things that we must do:

  1. Ask the owner “Please can I stroke your dog?” (After checking with the adult that we’re with that it’s okay to talk to the owner).
  2. Wait to see if the dog would like to be stroked (if they walk away, then we don’t stroke them, but if they give us a sniff and wag their tail, it should be a-okay.)
  3. Ask the owner “Where does your dog like to be stroked?”      We should then stroke them with the back of our hand.

We also practised what to do if we don’t want a dog to play with us; crossing our arms and looking up to the sky. If we do this the dog will usually walk away,

We all really enjoyed meeting Jo and Paddy and learnt a great deal. 🙂



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Hunting for minibeasts!

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A great time was had by all at today’s disco! The children loved wearing their party clothes and having a boogie! They were, of course, excited to have a snack and a drink too. A big thank you to the PTA for arranging this for us. 🙂

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Geography Enrichment Day 2

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On Friday we enjoyed our second Geography Enrichment Day of the year, based around the theme, ‘Who do you think you are?’.

Throughout the course of the day we were lucky enough to enjoy four different talks from parents and grandparents, about their culture and heritage.  We started the day with a visit from Seve’s Dad Jonathon, who spoke to us about Spain and read us a wonderful story about the importance of family.  We then had a talk from Hugo’s Nanny Suzie, who taught us all about New Zealand and in particular their native Kiwi bird.  We also learnt how to speak in Maori!  After lunch, Charlie’s Mum Shirin came in to speak to us about the religion of Baha’i and explained how they celebrate their new year (Naw Ruz) in March.  Finally Avni’s Mum Tamsin and Grandma Nina spoke to us about what it is was like growing up in India, and we had the opportunity to try some Indian food as well as see Mrs Wilkinson try on a Sari!

We would like to say a huge thank you to all those who came in to speak to us.  It was wonderful for the children to  hear about different cultures and countries and they learnt a great deal throughout the course of the day.



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Geography Enrichment Day 2

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Today marked the second Geography Enrichment Day of the year; once again, we had a truly enriching day dedicated to the study of ‘Earth Writing’.
Based around the notion of cultural heritage, Sandgate Primary School spent the day unpicking the question of ‘Who do you think you are?’ This involved the use of digital map games, scratching off our very own class map of the world, comparing the Human & Physical Geographies of countries, and presenting our very own family trees and shields.

A particular highlight has to be our global visitors who came in to speak to us and answer all of our geographical questions! We heard from international sixth form students from Earlscliffe College (representing a wide variety of countries such as Nigeria, Russia, Germany and Hong Kong), as well as our visiting parents who presented to the class.

Thank you for an amazing Geography Day!

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Fantastic fruit

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We have been thinking about healthy foods this week, and the importance of eating our 5 portions of fruit and vegetables every day.

We tried 4 fruits this week that we might not have tried before: melon, papaya, pomegranate and mango. Why not ask us which was our favourite! 🙂

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My own Supertato!

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Today we all made our very own Supertato! 🙂

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